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A Statement From Edgar Froese

(Tangents, November 1994)


[The 1994 box set Tangents included the following statement by Edgar Froese]

People have often tried to define the music of TD. But one cannot describe what music is objectively, one can only experience it subjectively. Therefore, the usual judgements made from the critic's perspective are valueless. TD's music was never avant-garde, was never pure rock, wasn't the stuff the top ten are made of and, most important of all, it was never 'electronic music'. Stated from a very personal point of view, the band never cared about public opinion and criticism. The writer of this statement and founder of TD observed the many attempts to categorise the music of TD with respect, but it took a good sense of humour to find a meaningful purpose with the absurd statements made by the critics. And many fans may be disappointed to hear that their expectations and wishes never had a final influence on the compositions. Or could you imagine, that the contents of a diary correspond to the quality of the paper it is written on? There were people who in 1973 loved our music above anything else -- how strange then that in 1980 the same fans wanted us burned at the stake. The pros and cons persist even today. Should the musician who pens these lines rely on the prevailing states of his listeners? He cannot and he should never do this - unless he completely changes his philosophy of life. Some former TD members have done this in their later careers, as their works reflect -- though it's not the writers choice to judge this. But what is TD really? For those of you reading this, to put it precisely: it is your own dream -- TD's music has only switched on the projector of your own personal film -- nothing more. No thought to the musician as a person or to his image in the so-called media in any way is necessary in order for the listener to engage in this experience with his self. Seen as such, all the praise and criticism directed at TD are only facets of emotions -- never objective and never even touching the truth. We don't want to play-pretend that all is well in the world nor do we want to send you an acoustical postcard from paradise. But because some people are unable -- or have a hard time -- confronting themselves within this experience, many of these nonsensical misunderstandings about the music have occurred. You, you who are reading these lines, no one forced you to buy this album. Since you obviously did it of your own free will, you are now going to see a movie in your own 'subjective' movie theatre. Everything you hear is a part of your dream, your wishes and your desires or of your deepest loathings and aversions. TD is the sound track to that certain part of life's film which connects all of us in a certain way, whether we like it or not. So treat yourself with care - just as we often had to when we were making the music.


© 1994 by Edgar Froese
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