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Schmoelling & Waters

The Immortal Tourist

- Studio, released June 2018 -


CD release Germany 2018
Artwork: Adriano Theel
Photo: Raphael Preston


1.The Immortal Tourist 7:36
2.My DNA 4:04
3.Maroque 7:04
4.Morning Walk 6:44
5.Morning Walk [Remix by Future Sound Of London]7:23
6.Drop Anchor In The Present Time 5:40
7.The Unknown 4:55
Total running time43:26


Composer(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Robert Waters
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Robert Waters, Moya Brennan
Producer(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Robert Waters


The Immortal Tourist is the first collaboration album by Johannes Schmoelling with his bandmate from Loom, Rob Waters (i.e. Robert Wässer). Most probably, at least some of the material on this album was intended for a second full length studio album by Loom, but apparently this project is on hiatus, while third member Jerome Froese has released his first collaboration album with Claudia Brücken, Beginn.


The album contains six new compositions, all credited to both artists, plus one remix by Future Sound Of London, immediately following the original version of the track Morning Walk. The track My DNA features the sampled voice of author Erich von Däniken, while The Unknown is a collaboration with Irish folk singer Moya Brennan (a.k.a. Máire Brennan) from Celtic folk band Clannad, who performs vocals and harp on this track.


The Immortal Tourist is released as a digipack without any additional booklet.


2018: Viktoriapark
CD: VP 1817; digipack
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