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Die Besten aus 10 Jahren

- V.A. Compilation, released February 2018 -


CD release Germany 2018
Artwork & Design: Udo Passenberg


1. Prolog [by Winfried Trenkler]3:48
2. So weit, so gut [by St. Otten]5:23
3. Patient Perseverance [by Eric van der Heijden]5:52
4. Summer Rain [by Brainwork]6:00
5. Stand Up [by Stefan Erbe]3:56
6.Kalypso [by Johannes Schmoelling]7:20
7. October Night [by Glenn Main]5:30
8. Surrender Bittersweet [by Ulrich Schnauss]5:56
9. A Million Miles Alone [by Tigerforest]6:27
10. Magic Space [by Robert Schroeder]6:44
11. Endless Love [by Sasa Tosic]4:04
12. Between All And Nothing [by Robert Waters]3:24
13. Fly By Cephei [by Bernd Michael Land]6:44
14. From Church To Dust [by Dream Control]6:33
15. Most Analogue [by Der Spyra]7:01
16. Absent Friends [by Ron Boots]5:45
17. Funkverkehr [by Peter Mergener]5:30
18. Hallucination Hall Closing Credits Sketch [by Picture Palace Music]4:57
19. Deep Dive [by VoLt]6:41
20. Taurus [by Synth.NL]5:25
21. Beyond Glass Mountains [by David Wright & Carys]5:17
22. From Kingdom Come [by John Kerr]4:51
Total running time123:08



Since 2009, the Schallwende association together with media and event organizers active in the traditional electronic music genre orchestrate the Schallwelle Awards, where the best national and international albums and artists will be honored for their particular achievements on a per year basis. Besides artists and albums, further prizes are given to special categories for best newcomer, and, of course, a special award for great accomplishments or life time achievements, respectively.


While awards on albums and artists are voted for by fans of the genre and a jury together, receivers of special awards are chosen by the jury only. The fan voting is open to anyone and is held online. Usually in spring of the following year, the awards cermony takes place to praise and hand over the Schallwelle to the winners of the votings.


On occasion of the tenth ceremony, held on February 17th, 2018 in Schwerte (Germany), Schallwende released this exclusive double album with previously unreleased music by winners of previous votings.


This compilation is featured in this discography, as it contains an otherwise unreleased track by Johannes Schmoelling as well as previously unreleased music by both Tangerine Dreams members Thorsten Quaeschning (under the name of Picture Palace Music) and Ulrich Schnauss, as well as his bandmate from Loom, Robert Waters.


Johannes Schmoelling composition Kalypso (or Calypso in English) refers to the nymph in Greek mythology who lived on the island of Ogygia, where, according to the Odyssey, she detained Odysseus for seven years.


2018: Schallwende
2CD: -; multi-coloured discs; no order-number on discs or inserts
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