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Peter Baumann

Trans Harmonic Nights

- Studio, released 1979 -


CD release UK 1990

LP release Japan 1979 with obi

CD release Germany 2016



Recording dateJuly 1978 - January 1979
Recording site(s)Paragon Studios (Berlin)
Recording engineer(s)Will Roper
Composer(s)Peter Baumann
Musician(s)Peter Baumann, W. Thierfeld, Bernhard Jobski, Will Roper
Producer(s)Peter Baumann


Trans Harmonic Nights, Peter Baumann's second solo album, was released in 1979, almost two years after he had left Tangerine Dream. Not long after releasing this album, he then relocated to the USA.


From the product sheet of the German 2016 re-release

The production phase for Trans Harmonic Nights covered 16 months or thereabouts. Having built the [Paragon] studio and taken care of production on albums for Cluster, Asmus Tietchens, Conrad Schnitzler and Hans-Joachim Roedelius, many of which came out on the French label Egg, he had neither the time nor the inclination to focus on his own compositions. Numerous tracks on the album were actually created at the end of the working day, on downtime, just for fun in the unfinished studio. Peter Baumann explains: "It was a completely different time for music, everything we did was spontaneous, in the moment. My first two records happened when I was working in the studio, simply expressing myself as a musician, sensing which emotions, timbres, rhythms and melodies were closest to me."

This approach shines through the music, underpinning its authenticity and making the album such a delight to listen to today: carefree, playful, unbelievably euphoric. Synth lines are exhiliratingly entwined with synthetic plucks, experimental sounds crystallize into sweet melodies, building into ecstatic breaks. Majestic Mellotron choirs and added vocoder tones lend an ethereal, surreal touch. It is virtually impossible not to get caught up in this rapture, to be swayed by the infectiously upbeat nature of the music. Hans-Joachim Roedelius was producing his Jardin au Fou album at the same time and one might be forgiven for thinking that his carefree positivity rubbed off on Baumann.




A CD version of Trans Harmonic Nights was finally released in 1990 but went out-of-print only a few years later and is now a very rare item to find.


Finally, in May 2016 the album has been remastered and then re-released by the UK based Reactive Esoteric label, the booklet featuring the original artwork and a new essay. Later the same year, the German Bureau B label, who had previously issued the 2016 album Machines Of Desire, re-released the Trans Harmonic Nights both on CD and vinyl.


1979: Virgin
LP: L 36958; red/green labels
2016: Esoteric Reactive
1979: Virgin/Polydor
LP: 2933 779; red/green labels
LP: 2933 779; red/silver labels
1979: Virgin
LP: 200 578; red/green labels
1990: Virgin
CD: 250 578
2016: Bureau B
CD: BB 251
LP: BB 251
1984: Virgin
LP: VIP 4101; green labels
1979: Virgin/Ariola
LP: 200 578; red/green labels
New Zealand
1979: Virgin/RTC
LP: V 2124; red/green labels; gloss finish front cover, matte finish rear cover
LP: V 2124; red labels; gloss finish front cover, matte finish rear cover
1979: Virgin/Vadeca
LP: VV-33006; blue/red labels
19??: ?
LP: RS-019; red labels
1979: Virgin
LP: V 2124; red/green labels
1986: Virgin
LP: OVED 198; red/green labels
1990: Virgin
CD: CDV 2124
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