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Peter Baumann

Romance 76

- Studio, released 1976 -


CD release UK 1990

LP release Japan 1976 with obi



Recording dateJuly - August 1976
Recording site(s)Victoria (Berlin), Bavaria Studio (Munich)
Composer(s)Peter Baumann
Musician(s)Peter Baumann, Members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by H. Baumann
Producer(s)Peter Baumann


Peter Baumann's first solo album, Romance 76, was released in 1976, while he was still a member of Tangerine Dream.


From 30 Years Of Dreaming

In the spring of 1976, Tangerine Dream played a few concerts in various places around Europe, and all through that summer Peter Baumann recorded his first solo project, Romance 76. He felt that he had more and more difficulties finding his role in Tangerine Dream and he needed to go his own ways. He was passionate about his first solo album, and it gained a lot of appreciation and was even played on the radio a few times.

© 1999 by Kent Eskildsen


The first three tracks (forming side one of the original vinyl release) are stylistically quite similar to the music that can be heard on TD's albums Stratosfear (1976) and Sorcerer (1977). Listening to these solo tracks its quite easy to notice Peter Baumann's contribution to those TD records -- including the particular high frequency beat and the melodic and rhythmic keyboards patterns.


The latter three tracks are quite more experimental, forming an epic, orchestrated suite: the arrangements consist mainly of floating female vocal, string, and flute sounds, incorporating the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir. Atonal voices, spare electronics, and driving percussion all combine into an eerie neo-classical experiment more suitable for the soundtrack of an imaginary sci-fi movie. Peter Baumann did not pursue anything similar on his subsequent albums.




A CD version of Romance 76 was finally released in 1990 but went out-of-print only a few years later and is now a very rare item to find.


Finally, in May 2016 the album has been remastered and then re-released by the UK based Reactive Esoteric label, the booklet featuring the original artwork and a new essay.


2016: Esoteric Reactive
1976: Virgin/Polydor
LP: 2473 713; black/silver labels
LP: 2473 713; green labels
LP: 2473 713; blue Virgin labels; sticker 'PETER BAUMANN / de / Tangerine Dream / premier album solo / no 2473 713' on cover
1981: Virgin
LP: 202 708; red/green labels
1976: Virgin/Ariola
LP: 28 311 XOT; green labels
LP: 28 311 XOT; red/green labels
1990: Virgin
CD: 260 975
1976: Columbia/EMI
LP: 14C 062-98896; multi-coloured labels
1976: Virgin/Dischi
LP: VIL 12069; red/green labels
1976: Virgin
Promo-LP: YX-7173-VR; green labels with Kanji promotional symbols, insert, obi
LP: YX-7173-VR; green labels, insert, obi
1978: Virgin/Victor
Promo-LP: VIP-6917; white promo labels with Kanji promotional symbols, insert, obi
LP: VIP-6917; green labels, insert, obi
1976: Virgin
LP: 5028 311; red/green labels
1976: Virgin/Ariola
LP: 28 311-I; multi-coloured labels
LP: 28 311-I; light green labels
1976: Virgin
LP: V 2069; green labels, black paper and plastic inner sleeve
1986: Virgin
LP: OVED 197; red/green labels
1990: Virgin
CD: CDV 2069
1976: Virgin/CBS
Promo-LP: PZ 34897; gsc with DJ timing strip on front cover, multi-coloured labels, purple sticker on front cover, insert
Promo-LP: PZ 34897; gsc with DJ timing strip on front cover, black/white labels, purple sticker on front cover, insert
LP: PZ 34897; multi-coloured labels, purple sticker on front cover
8 track tape: PZA 34897
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