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James Redfield's

The Celestine Prophecy

A Musical Voyage
Music by Christopher Franke

- Studio, released June 1996 -


CD release USA 1996

CD release Netherlands 1996

CD release France 1996

CD release Denmark 1996

CD release USA 1999


1. The Celestine Theme5:43
2. Guided Dream To A Manuscript5:36
3.Viciente 5:27
4.A Radiant Band Of Light 4:35
5. Jensen The Energy Thief3:56
6. Mystical Experience On The Mountain5:30
7. The Mission Of Father Sanchez5:44
8.Illumination 4:33
9. Scene At The Crossroads4:12
10. The Quest For Unity5:00
11. Confrontation5:15
12. The Mystery At The Ruins - Wil's Transfiguration6:41
Total running time62:12


Recording engineer(s)Edgar Rothermich
Composer(s)Chris Franke
Musician(s)Chris Franke, The Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra, Taiwanese Aboriginal Nay Tribe, Andy Abad, Li Chun Chang, Jie Chen, Er-Hu, Paul Frederick, Arturo Garcia Orozco, Jim Gilstrap, Karen Han, Deborah Holland, Paul Horn, Rick Jude, Katie Kirkpatrick, Doerte Lau, Brice Martin, Kazu Matsui, Sirah Vettese, Jim Walker, Ray Yslas
Producer(s)Edgar Rothermich


In 1996 Chris Franke created the official music for James Redfield's best-selling book The Celestine Prophecy.


The album was released under different titles in various countries, though the musical content on the CD is always identical. The Danish version of the album was printed in Holland and is called Den Niende Indsigt (which means "The Ninth Insight"); the Danish booklet also has James Redfield's reflections of each track, translated by Mette Thomsen, who also translated the book itself.


1996: Priority/Virgin
CD: 841 893 2
1996: Priority/Virgin
CD: 844 028 2; Titled Den Niende Indsigt - En Musikalsk Rejse; track titles in Danish
1996: Priority/Virgin
CD: 841 893 2
1996: Priority/Virgin
CD: 842 724 2; Titled La Prophetie Des Andes - Un Voyage Musical
1996: Priority/Virgin
CD: 842 302 2; Titled De Celestinjnse Belofte - Een Muzikale Reis; track titles in Dutch
1996: Priority
CD: P2 50571
1999: Earthtone
CD: ETD 7940
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