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Christopher Franke
Original Soundtrack from

Tenchi The Movie

Tenchi Muyo In Love

- Soundtrack, released April 1996 -


CD release Japan 1996 with obi

CD release USA 2002

CD release USA 1996


1. Prologue4:114:11
2. The Opening3:203:20
3. The Rhythm Of Cause And Effect2:04-
4. First Encounter With Achika0:580:57
5. Operative A1:101:10
6. A Change In Tenchi1:301:30
7. The Future House1:101:10
8. Kain's Image Analyses0:570:55
9. Nobuyuki And Achika1:361:36
10. Ryoko's Chase3:363:36
11. Tenchi's Decision2:052:04
12. Achika And Tenchi1:131:13
13. Power Booster2:432:41
14. The Battle Against Kain4:444:43
15. Sadness0:530:52
16. Tokyo Tower!-4:17
17. Time Machine-4:04
18. Come To The Rescue1:491:49
19. The Power Of Love2:512:50
20. Kain's Return3:373:36
21. Achika's Theme2:112:11
22. Epilogue3:073:07
23.Alchemy Of Love 4:454:44
24. Achika In Rage2:43-
25.Alchemy Of Love (Remix) -4:30
Total running time53:1361:06


Recording engineer(s)Edgar Rothermich
Composer(s)Chris Franke
Musician(s)Chris Franke, The Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra, Nina Hagen, Rick Jude
Producer(s)Edgar Rothermich


Tenchi The Movie is an anime movie based on the anime and manga series Tenchi Muyo! (Japanese for "Useless Tenchi"). In 1995/1996 Chris Franke wrote the score for this movie. This was only the second time a non-Japanese composer has done music for any anime.


More information about this movie is available at The Internet Movie Database.


The end theme song, Alchemy Of Love is written by Chris Franke and performed by famous German singer Nina Hagen, with Rick Jude on backing vocals.


Liner Notes by Chris Franke:"Writing a song for this movie gave me the opportunity to reflect the strongest source of universal, never-ending love: the family. Giving and receiving, a boundless flow of energy, strengthens the spirit in the ever present fight against evil. The content of the film helped me to understand the micro-cosmos of relations and light, and ultimately to write Alchemy Of Love.
Sometimes in life one can experience unexpected synchronicity and harmony of events. When I wrote the score on Tenchi Muyo In Love, I felt this type of special circumstance.
I was very impressed and highly inspired by the producers Mr. Maki and Mr. Satani. They gave me the most helpful support and guidance.
Furthermore, I received great assistance from all members of the post production team because of their talent and excellent preparation.
All this played an important role when it came to producing and recording my orchestral reflection of this exciting and heart-opening animation adventure.
I consider myself lucky to be a part of this project. Writing the music never felt like work, but it was merely pure fun. I kept experimenting with combinations of ethnic and orchestral instruments that together with new electronic sound design, lead me to the final score. The richness of blend is fueling my personal kind of acoustic alchemy.
I am looking forward to yet another expedition in time and space when Tenchi Muyo hopefully returns."


In 2002 the album was released with three additional tracks, but leaving out two tracks of the original release. Given the very different style of the new tracks it is doubtful that these were composed by Chris Franke.


1996: Pioneer
CD: PICA-1097; multi-coloured disc; obi; fold-out insert contains a number of paper cut-out flower petals; track titles in Japanese
1996: Sonic Images/Pioneer
CD: PICD-1001A; multi-coloured disc; digipack
2002: Pioneer
CD: PIO-CD-5176-2; pink/violet disc
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