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- Studio, released November 2019 -


CD release USA 2019


1. Cascade 394:504:50
2. Road To Danakil6:286:00
3. A World Apart4:154:10
4. Counting On Time5:255:10
5. Dream 97:367:50
6. Liquid Sky5:295:30
7. The Lost Cord6:036:10
8. M-Tron Fields3:384:00
9. Measure 35:355:34
10. Voices From The Past5:47-
11. The Long Now4:314:30
12. Moons Ago6:156:20
13. 54_Novo5:025:00
14. Nautilus8:068:10
15. Longing In Motion4:464:40
Total running time83:4677:54


Recording date2018 - 2019
Recording site(s)Los Angeles & San Francisco
Composer(s)Peter Baumann, Paul Haslinger
Musician(s)Peter Baumann, Paul Haslinger
Producer(s)Peter Baumann, Paul Haslinger


The project Neuland (meaning New Territory in German) was formed in 2018 by former TD members Peter Baumann and Paul Haslinger. According to Baumann in an interview with Aaron Badgley from Spill Magazine: "I have known Paul for a long time, and I had a record company called Private Music and Tangerine Dream was one of the artists we released and I got to know Paul and we worked together in the 1990's but it was not in the spirit of the times. Paul called me a couple of years ago and said 'Hey Peter, do you want to make some noise?'. I had just released the album Machines Of Desire and I thought, sure why not. And we just started. There was no big intent to do a band or a double album. We just started to do music."


The recording sessions resulted in the album Neuland, released in November 2019 on vinyl, CD and BluRay/DVD by their own label. A potential live tour in 2020 did not take place, probably due to the world-wide covid pandemic situation.


Notably, although part of the track list on the back cover, Voices From The Past is missing from the BluRay disc and DVD respectively, both of which contain 14 tracks only.


2019: Neuland
2LP: 8 60002 18090-8; gatefold cover; diecut black polylined sleeves; 150g blue vinyl
2CD: 8 60002 18091-5; gatefold cover
DVD+BluRay: 8 60002 18092-2; gatefold cover
2019: Neuland/Bandcamp
Dowbload: ; complete release or individual tracks in several lossless or lossy audio formats
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