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Schmoelling - Ader - Waters

- Studio, released January 2020 -


CD release Germany 2020
Artwork & Design: Ader Pixel Manufaktur


1.Einzigartig 4:22
2.Return To Sender 6:10
3.Classic Scratches 4:29
4.Beyond The Score 6:12
5.The Crusade 9:22
6.Empire 5:16
7.Crimes Of Passion 5:34
8.Roar Of Eternity 7:21
Total running time48:46


Recording date2019
Recording site(s)S-A-W Studio Berlin, S-A-W Studio Wendland, S-A-W Studio Mannheim & Olivier Grall's Synthé Studio France
Composer(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Kurt Ader, Robert Waters, Olivier Grall
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Kurt Ader, Robert Waters


"We used hardware:
Analogue synths, digital gear
We accepted unpredictable factors
Uncontrolled moments
We cultivated electronic traditions
In order to create new ones
We paid homage to the legends
The we started Iconic"

- S-A-W


While the band project Loom seems to be on undetermined hiatus Johannes Schmoelling and Robert Waters joined forces with Kurt Ader to form a new project which finally resulted in the studio album Iconic, released in January 2020. The three artists are supported by French sound designer Olivier Grall on four of the eight compositions.


The album starts somewhat surprising with the almost Kraftwerkesque Einzigartig (including sprechgesang in German language), but this song is not at all representative for the album (though it contains a keyboard lead line that is easily recognisable as played by Schmoelling). The other seven tracks are purely instrumental and much more in the vein of previous works by Schmoelling and Waters. Apparently the musical styles of the three (respective four) musicians blend very well with each others, as the whole album flows quite homogenous.


2020: Viktoriapark
CD: VP 2020; digipack; gray-scale coloured disc
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