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Martin Burckhardt
Johannes Schmölling

Der Zaubergeiger Settembrini

- Radio Play, released 1994 -


CD release Germany 1994
Illustration: Klaus Ensikat
Design: DoH Graphic Design


1. Wie der Zaubergeiger seine Geige verliert5:17
2. Wie ihn ein gräßlicher Ohrwurm zu piesacken beginnt3:28
3. Wie Settembrini zu einem Ohrenarzt geht, aber der weiß auch nicht was tun (außer natürlich, daß er seinen Krankenschein nimmt)5:39
4. Wie Settembrini in einen dunklen Wald hineingerät und der Ohrwurm sagt, fürchte dich nicht (aber ob das hilft?)4:58
5. Wie sie in eine Höhle hinabsteigen und lauter unterirdische Säle sich öffnen5:45
6. Wie Settembrini an einem anderen Ort aufwacht8:56
7. Wie sich der alte Bibliothekar von ihm verabschiedet4:04
8. Wie Settembrini zurück in die Stadt kommt5:15
9. Wie er seine Geige wiederfindet4:01
Total running time47:23


Recording date1989
Recording site(s)Berlin
Composer(s)Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling


Johannes Schmoelling turned one step towards his artistic roots in theatre work and performing arts with this CD release. Der Zaubergeiger Settembrini (German for The Magic Violinist Settembrini) is a radio play of a famous musician who gets drunken and then calls his violin a simple piece of ordinary wood. The violin, which is a magic instrument, gets disappointed, decides to play only some off noise in the next concert and to remain silent then. Settembrini now is very lonesome...


The CD has already been recorded in 1989 and then been announced several times, but not released until late 1994. The fairy tale was written by Martin Burckhardt (text) and Johannes Schmoelling (compositions) who had been inspired by their sons.


The German titles of the play's nine chapters, as listed above, can be roughly translated into English as:
  1. How The Magic Violinist Loses His Violin
  2. How A Dreadful Earworm Starts To Badger Him
  3. How Settembrini Sees An Otologist, Who Does Not Know What To Do Either (Except Accepting His Medical Insurance Card, Of Course)
  4. How Settembrini Enters A Dark Forest And The Earworm Says Do Not Fear (But Whether This Helps?)
  5. How They Descent Into A Cavern And Find A Number Of Underground Halls
  6. How Settembrini Awakes At Another Place
  7. How The Old Librarian Bids Farewell
  8. How Settembrini Comes Back To Town
  9. How He Regains His Violin


Johannes Schmoelling's music is merely used as sound effects, there is no unreleased music to be found. Thus, this album might be of no great interest to the common fan just looking for rare music material. Nevertheless, it is quite enjoyable in its form, provided the knowledge of German language to understand the text.


1994: Deutsche Grammophon/Polygram
CD: 445 367-2
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