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- Studio, released September 2014 -


CD release Germany 2014


1.#! (Shebang) 6:44
2.640 KB 6:45
3.At Marianas Trench (Surfaced! 2014) [2014 Re-recording]5:23
Total running time18:52


Recording date2014
Recording site(s)Noontide (Berlin)
Composer(s)Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Jerome Froese
Producer(s)Jerome Froese


"A program is a spell cast over a computer, turning input into error messages."
- Unknown


In September 2014 Jerome Froese released #! (also known as #! (Shebang) EP). According to Wikipedia, "in computing, a shebang is the character sequence consisting of the characters number sign and exclamation mark (#!) at the beginning of a script." This sequence is used for special purposes.


The CD comes in a printed cardboard sleeve and features two new compositions as well as a new version of a track originally released on his first solo album, Neptunes (2005).


The Moonpop web site about the CD release:"The first solo release by Jerome Froese since 2012 contains two completely new tracks which are more electronic than on the previous EPs and his famous guitartronica experiments. Third one is an all new version of the 2005 track At Marianas Trench from his debut album Neptunes."


2014: Moonpop
CD: moon ltdcd-004; white/black disc, cardboard sleeve, limited edition
2015: Moonpop/Bandcamp
Download: complete release or individual tracks in several lossless or lossy audio formats
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