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Ich bin ein Berliner

Live at Ricochet Gathering
Rathaus Schöneberg Berlin

- Live, released December 2012 -


CD release USA 2012
Graphics: Sound Of Light Design
Design & Layout: Vic Rek


1.Ghosts In The Satellite [2010 live version]6:40
2.Remember '88 [2010 live version]11:05
3.Into The Thunder [2010 live version]5:56
4.Suffering Sharks [2010 live version]6:57
5.Sungate [2010 live version]5:25
6.Endless Blue [2010 live version]8:43
7.Encore [2010 live version]8:50
Total running time53:36


Recording dateOctober 17th, 2010
Recording site(s)Rathaus Schöneberg (Berlin)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger, Ralf Wadephul, Michael Anthony, David Lee Roth, Alex van Halen, Eddie van Halen
Musician(s)Ralf Wadephul (synthesizers), Heiko Gigner (percussion), Thorsten Wagner (guitar), Kai Wiegert (bass)


In 2012 the second album by former Tangerine Dream member Ralf Wadephul was released. Ich bin ein Berliner (the title, "I am a Berliner", derived from the famous John F. Kennedy speech) is based on live recordings at the 2010 Ricochet Gathering in Berlin, in celebration of 40 years of Berlin School electronic music. The Gathering (organised by Vic Rek) brought together many different musicians over four days together with several ex-Tangerine Dream members (besides Ralf Wadephul, Steve Schroyder and Michael Hoenig were present).


On his web site Ralf Wadephul about the album: "It needed a lot of work, plenty of time and the split from my girlfriend to get it done, but now it's finished! W.A.dePhul stands for the band -- this is Ralf Wadephul (keyboards), Todd Wagner (guitars), Kai Wiegert (bass) and Heiko Gigner (percussion and "helpers"). All tracks were played live at the Ricochet Gathering 2010 and this is the offical recording of this event! Cause of technical issues I mixed it with the recordings of another concert played by the same guys except of the guitar player."


Unsurprisingly, the album features a number of compositions from Ralf Wadephul's only studio album When Aliens Meet A Drop Of Water (2008), arranged differently for the live performance(s). A nice surprise is a new rendition of Sun Gate, the only track co-composed by Ralf Wadephul that made it to the 1988 studio album Optical Race. And there is some new, previously unreleased material as well, including the encore track that features a tribute to Van Halen's number one hit Jump with its prominent synth line.


2012: Ricochet Dream
CD: RD 068; digipack, multi-coloured disc
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