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Picture Palace music

Going Underground 7

music for subways & short movies

- Soundtrack, released December 2009 -


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1. Game Exe1:56
2. It Happens0:27
3. Jobs Wanted / Brush Hour0:36
4. Move And Stillness1:18
5. Nature1:12
6. Roter Rauch / Red Smoke1:34
7. Snowtime1:28
8. Street0:51
9. Take A Biscuit1:48
Total running time11:10


Recording date2008
Recording site(s)Townend Studios (Berlin), Q-Music Studios (Berlin), OrBeat Studios (Berlin), Rixdorf Manor (Berlin), Donland (Johannisthal)
Composer(s)Sascha Beator, Kai Hanuschka, Thorsten Quaeschning, Thorsten Spiller, Don Wuttke
Musician(s)Sascha Beator (bass, synthesizer), Kai Hanuschka (vocoder), Thorsten Quaeschning (flute, guitar, organ, rhodes, synthesizer, step sequencer, vocoder, voice), Thorsten Spiller (synthesizer), Don Wuttke (guitar, synthesizer), an israeli guy (drums)
Producer(s)Thorsten Quaeschning


The music of this short album was recorded for the Going Underground 7 short film festival in Berlin in 2008. The release consists of nine quite short compositions, their titles probably corresponding to those of the short films they were used for.


Two more (equally short) tracks from this soundtrack have been released on the release Auerbach's Night Club (2008).


In December 2009, this release became available as download from the Picture Palace music web shop. It has never been released on a physical medium.


2009: PPM Web Shop
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