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Picture Palace music


music for sunken monasteries & castle moats

- Studio, released March 2010 -


CD-R release 2010
Artwork: Kai Hanuschka & Thorsten Quaeschning
Photo: Tim Pullen


1. Juffer Vey's Minnesong4:35
2. Spring-Water-Fall4:38
3. Fairies & Friaries5:28
4. Damsel's Dive12:30
5. Nun Exclusive3:37
6. Marsh Mellow Dea/n Martins Gans/z oder gar nicht/s destotrotz4:02
7.Help, Murder, Help (Alternative Version 2010) [Remix]6:36
8.Lunatic Asylum (Alternative Version 2010) [Remix]4:39
Total running time46:05


Recording date2007 - 2010
Recording site(s)Eastgate Studios (Vienna), OrBeat Studios (Berlin), Q-Music Studios (Berlin), Townend Studios (Berlin)
Composer(s)Sascha Beator, Thorsten Quaeschning, Vincent de Quiram
Musician(s)Sascha Beator (synthesizer), Thomas Beator (irish bouzouki), Nadine Gomez (violin), Kai Hanuschka (drums, percussion), Thorsten Quaeschning (drums, e-guitar, flute, percussion, synthesizer), Vincent de Quiram (acoustic guitar), Don Wuttke (acoustic guitar)
Producer(s)Thorsten Quaeschning


On April 10th, 2010 Picture Palace music gave a concert at Castle Satzvey as part of a EM festival. On this occasion, the band released the album Fairy-Marsh-Districts. While the first four tracks were especially composed for this event, track five and six were two more outtakes from the (yet unreleased) soundtrack for the Faust movie. The remaining two tracks are remixes from compositions released on the album Somnambulistic Tunes (2007).


The PPM website about the EP"Picture Palace music in Mediaeval-Mode between Electronic Minnesongs, Post-Rocking Diaphonie & Psychedelic Ars Nova!
Fairy-Marsh-Districts is about Castle Satzvey myths and sagas. Imagine the gloomy mediaeval spirit of the Dark Ages and the lethal incident of a young maiden drowning in a foggy and morbid looking territory. Picture Palace music provides the listener with the soundtrack of that acherontic scenery.
This EP contains over 46 minutes of music including brand new tunes as well as alternative versions of two tracks from the Somnambulistic Tunes album."


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CD-R: PPM018
2010: PPM Web Shop
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