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Alpha Centauri

There are several different versions of this composition:
  • the original studio recording from 1971 (and an eight minute excerpt of it)
  • a short remix from 1995
  • a remix released in 2008, allegedly from 1973


Recording year1971
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Steve Schroyder
Alternate Title(s)Sunset In The Fifth System


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
1971Alpha Centauri [a] 22:04
Alpha Centauri [b] 22:05
Alpha Centauri [c] 22:08
Alpha Centauri [d] 22:08
1980'70-'80 [a] [Excerpt]8:20
1987The Collection [a] 22:04
The Collection [b] 22:04
1995Book Of Dreams [a] [1995 remix]3:22
1996The Dream Roots Collection [a] [1995 remix]3:22
1998The Analogue Space Years [a] 22:04
2000i-Box [a] [1995 remix]3:22
2006The Essential Collection [a] 22:07
2008The Anthology Decades [a] [Titled Sunset In The Fifth System][2008 remix]6:41
The Electronic Magic Of Tangerine Dream [a] [Titled Sunset In The Fifth System][2008 remix]6:40
The Vintage Years Anthology [a] [Titled Sunset In The Fifth System][2008 remix]6:40
2010Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares [a] [Titled Sunset In The Fifth System][2008 remix]6:40
2011Sunrise In The Third System [a] 22:06
2014The Deep Run To Vegas [a] [Titled Sunset In The Fifth System][2008 remix]6:40


The spirit of love
Fills the cosmos
And He who keeps the universe together
Knows every sound


The spirit rises
And His enemies disintegrate
And those who hate Him
Flee from His sight


Send out your spirit
And life begins to form
And thus


Come, spirit, and fill
The hearts of your people
And light in everyone
The fire of your eternal life


(English translation of the words spoken in German language)


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