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300 003

- Studio, released March 2016 -


CD release Germany 2016


1.Below The Playfield 6:59
2.Bit Byter [2006 re-recording]4:21
3.Time Scanner 4:44
Total running time16:04


Recording date2015 - 2016
Recording site(s)Riet Studio (Berlin) & Noontide Studio (Berlin)
Composer(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters
Producer(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters


300 003 (the full title can be read only when viewing both front and back side of the sleeve) is the third EP by the Loom project and contains three tracks composed and performed by all three band members, one of them being new version of Rejuvenation from the previous EP, 200 002 (2003).


The limited EP was released on occasion of Loom's Berlin concert on March 5th, 2016. A small number of copies was available through Jerome Froese's Cybersounds web shop in late February (though shipped after the concert); these copies were sold out during one or two days after they had become available.


The Cybersounds web site about the CD release"Finally it's just around the corner! The long awaited third part of the most successful X00 00X EP series by LOOM (all predecessors are long sold out). The CD will be available for the first time at their Berlin live concert on March 05th, 2016.
Fortunately, we're up to sell a limited number of units through Cybersounds as well (for all the fans who are unable to attend the gig).
This release contains three exclusive brandnew tracks by LOOM (Jerome Froese, Johannes Schmoelling & Robert Waters).
As always, the EP is strictly limited to 500 copies!"


The EP was released through Jerome Froese's Moonpop label as a limited edition of 500 copies.


2016: Moonpop
CD: moon ltdcd-005; cardboard sleeve, black/red disc, limited edition of 500 copies
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